The Best Places To Eat Fish And Chips In UK

There are several places to eat fish and chips in the UK. This is one of the go-to meals that are not only convenient to eat but has what you need to keep your body energized.

Best places in the UK to eat fish and chips

So where are the best restaurants that you can eat the best fish and chips in the UK? We have come across a list of the top restaurants all over the UK. This was ranked by the 2017 National Fish & Chip Awards.

The first place went to Kingfisher Fish and Chips in Plymouth. This is owned by Nikki Mutton and Craig Maw. This year, they got the coveted Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop of the Year. The owners of the shop always try to come up with a new approach to the favourite meal of the British.

The second place went to Burton Road Chippy in Lincolnshire while the third place is taken by Millers Fish & Chips in North Yorkshire.

The shops that won the award had to go through a seven-month judging period. This included mystery guests, audits, and inspections. Various features were scrutinized – not just the fish and chips being served. The customer service, cleanliness, and overall dining experience played a very important role. The extensive knowledge of the chefs when it comes to serving the traditional fish and chips put certain restaurants at an advantage.

Here are the other places to eat fish in chips in the UK.

  • Fochabers Fish Bar in Moray, Scotland
  • Hennighan’s Top Shop in Powys, Wales
  • The Dolphin Takeaway in County Tyrone, North Ireland
  • Hodgson’s Chippy in Lancaster, North West England
  • Oldswinford Fish & Chips in Stourbridge, Midlands
  • Henley’s of Wivenhoe in Colchester, South East England
  • Godfrey’s Fish and Chips in Hertfordshire, South England

Places to eat fish and chips in London

There are also other places to eat fish and chips in London. Here are some of your options when you are in the city and looking for a great takeaway meal.

Fish Lounge

This place is considered a newbie but despite that, they are getting rave reviews from their clients. They use cod that is prepared to be crisp and the chips are thick and also surprisingly fluffy. The tartare sauce that is served with it has a zingy taste that can be very addictive too.

Golden Hind

Did you know that this restaurant already celebrated 100 years of serving fish meals in Marylebone? They have been in the business that long. You can bet that they have perfected how fish and chips should be prepared and served. The fish is not greasy and the chips are chunky. That alone makes them a great place for you to visit and order the famous takeaway meal.

Golden Union Fish Bar

This place is great because they serve fresh fish every day. This is something that they are actually quite proud of. They also use the best potatoes for their chips. The fish ends up being both chunky and crispy while the chips are firm and fluffy at the same time. They also serve fish cakes and pies too.

What do you think of these places to eat fish and chips in the UK? Try them out and see if they are as good as the reviews say.