Best Seafood Restaurants On The UK Coast

Are you looking for the best seafood restaurants along the UK coast? Fortunately for you, the coast is quite long – around 12,429 km. That is a long coastline that is probably filled with a lot of restaurants along the way. While not all of them are seafood restaurants, you can bet that a lot of them are.

Eating in any seafood restaurant, regardless of the location, is actually great in itself. But when you do it while enjoying a great view of the coast and open waters, the experience becomes a lot more meaningful and satisfying.

Best seafood restaurants along the UK coast

If you want to find the best seafood restaurants in the UK, you can start with these 5 places.

Eric’s Fish and Chips in Norfolk

If you are in Norfolk, you can go to this restaurant to have the best fish and seafood dishes in the area. The colourful tiles along the wall and the rustic seating made of wood create an atmosphere that is the perfect ambiance for the meal you will share with family and friends. The grilled grey mullet and haddock dipped in beer-batter are among the popular dishes offered in this restaurant.

Inver Restaurant in Argyll

If the previous restaurant is colourful, this one has simple white walls. The wooden tables and chairs give off a rustic appeal to the whole restaurant. They even have a fireplace that makes it quite cosy. Among the dishes that you will enjoy in this seafood restaurant includes crab, mussels, seaweed, and halibut.

Rocksalt in Kent

This beautiful restaurant is in Folkestone harbour. It is actually a favourite hangout spot for the locals. That should be enough reason to prove that this is among the best seafood restaurants along the UK coast. The floor to ceiling glass that faces the English Channel makes this place a great venue to enjoy great seafood dishes like soused herring, raw scallop salad, etc.

Coast in Pembrokeshire

This seafood restaurant only opened in 2014 but it is getting rave reviews. The place will serve the best lobster dishes – something that you can enjoy as you gaze out their picture windows towards the open waters. The vibe in the restaurant is actually very relaxing – making you want to come back another day.

Mourne Seafood in the Mourne Mountains

What is better than eating the best Dover sole or sea bass? Eating it while looking out at a Norman castle beyond the Dundrum Bay. This view alone will make you forget how simple the restaurant is. In fact, the owners probably did that on purpose. They made the interior very simple so it does not take away from the great view outside. You can enjoy a meal of shelled crabs, mussels, and oysters while drinking their Kilmegan cider. All of these will make for a great dining experience.

What do you think of the best seafood restaurants along the coast of the UK? You should really try them out. It is not just the great fish and seafood dishes – it is the environment and the whole experience that will really make everything so unforgettable.