My Favourite Seafood Recipes

Seafood recipes can both be daunting and easy. It all depends on what you plan to cook. All of them will definitely taste good and flavourful – if you know how to prepare them properly. It is important that you get comfortable in cooking seafood dishes because it is one of the healthiest meals that you will eat.

There are those who do not like cooking seafood dishes because they are intimidated with the fish scales or the hard shells of mollusks. They are also turned off by the smell of the fish. But if you can get past these, you will realise just how rewarding it is to have some knowledge of cooking seafood recipes.

Before you cook any seafood dish, you have to remember that the ingredients are very important. Use only the freshest ingredient that you can get your hands on. And if you do not know how to clean fish, have it cleaned where you bought it. They usually give this service for free.

Two of my favourite seafood recipes

There are many recipes that you can try when you want to cook seafood dishes. To help you get started, here are 2 of the recipes that are easy to do and taste quite great too.

Seared Salmon with Pistachio Gremolata

This dish will take around 25 minutes to prepare and cook. So if you are in a hurry, you can opt to do this dish. Salmon is one of the popular types of fish that is used in the kitchen. It also cooks quite fast. To start, get a bowl and combine finely chopped salted pistachio (roasted), fresh parsley, fresh mint, orange zest, minced garlic, olive oil, and salt. This will be your pistachio gremolata. Then, heat a large skillet and put olive oil. Season the salmon with salt and pepper. Place the salmon in the skillet and cook each side for 3 minutes. Serve with the pistachio gremolata on top.

Fish Tacos with Roasted Tomato Salsa

This recipe will take 45 minutes to complete. While it is not as fast as the first one, it can be a great dish to serve when you are hungry. To start, you have to brush the fish with oil and season it with some salt, pepper, and cumin. Use a preheated grill pan. You can also use charcoal or gas grill. Just make sure you grease the rack to keep the fish from sticking to it. While it is grilling, you can opt to char the tomatoes and onions that you will use in the salsa. But this will no longer be necessary if you plan to use a bottled salsa that you can buy from the grocery. Now back to the fish – you need to grill in for 4 to 6 minutes over medium heat. When the fish flakes easily, you can turn it over. Use the same grill to warm the tortillas. To assemble, take the tortillas, place the fish inside and top with the salsa, sour cream, and other toppers that you want like vegetables, etc.These are some of the best seafood recipes that I have tried in the past. They are very easy to do and will not take a long time to do. You can be confident enough to use these as your first attempts to cook seafood.